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Broken Drain Line: What You Need to Know, and How We Can Help

In Florida, broken drain line damages are a very common occurrence. Drain lines in the state often break due to heavy rains and flooding. In order to avoid future problems with your home's drainage system, it is important to know how the process of a claim works and what you can do if you have been affected by a broken drain line that has caused property damage.

Broken drain lines happen for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is a rupture from a clogged or damaged pipe that occurs during heavy rainfall. The pressure from the water builds up and eventually causes the pipe to burst. A broken drain line can also result from an extreme heatwave, which causes breakages in the drainage system due to being frozen.

What Steps am I Encouraged to Take Following a Broken Drain Line Event?

Mitigate your damages by closing the main water supply. Then, call a public adjuster to inspect the damage they will be able to guide you through the next best steps and get the best results from your insurance company. A public adjuster is an expert in insurance claims and knows how to navigate the complex process of getting your claim approved, and we're highly experienced to handle these types of claims for you.

The following are additional steps you can take:

- Listen to local news stations about weather conditions, operating hours of drainage facilities, and other related issues so you know what is going on at all times

- Consolidate personal documents in one place or ask someone else you trust. You may need these documents if any damage incurred is not fixed right away

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